When you enter a music festival, you're practically entering a different world. They're advertised as weekends of fun and partying, which they are, but they're much more than just that.

The rules of life are completely different at festivals and we're not talking about the actual festival's rules, we're talking about the unspoken rules. Things that would be totally unacceptable in real life are the norm at festivals. Once you enter the grounds of a festival, you're entering a bubble of alcohol, drugs, sex, strangers, junk food, and a whole lot of filth.

#1. Beer for Breakfast

This isn’t really acceptable in the real world. But at music festivals, people are living in a different world and in this world, beer is an acceptable meal at any time of the day.

Beer for Breakfast


#2. Sitting on Shoulders

It’s hard for a short person to really see anything in crowds. Because of this, a lot of tall people like to offer their shoulders to people who don’t get to see much of a view. Imagine siting on some drunk stranger’s shoulders and trusting that he won’t drop you.

#3. Color Powders

You wouldn’t allow strangers to throw colored powders at you in real life, but at the Holi Festival of Colors you do. Usually people plan ahead and wear all white to such events and sometimes keep the colorful clothes afterwards as souvenirs.

#4. Drastic Fashion Choices

Back in the day, music festivals like Woodstock pertained more of a hippie aesthetic. Nowadays, electronic dance music is becoming more popular and the style of clothes associated with the genre is, well, peculiar.

Drastic Fashion Choices


#5. People Vomiting

It’s totally disgusting but because of the heavy drinking involved you’ll see some vomiting in public. They can’t make it to the bathroom because the line is so long. You can smell it too, especially at 2-3 day music festivals.

People Vomiting