This BILLION Dollar Wedding Is Causing A Huge Stir On The Internet.

Sure, you may have attended one or two posh, expensive weddings — but we can say with confidence that you've probably never attended a wedding like this. It was the ceremony of Said Gutseriyev and Khadija Uzhakhovs, and it cost about $1 billion dollars to throw. Paid for by the groom's billionaire father, the wedding […]

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He Poured Molten Copper Into A Coconut… Watch What Happened.

Sure, you may have never actively thought to yourself "I wonder what happens when you pour molten copper into a coconut." But this is one of those videos that doesn't really need an explanation or motivation: It's mere existence is enough to make it fascinating. Using copper heated beyond all realm of comprehension, this YouTuber […]

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The 28 Most Breathtaking Pools On Earth… #18 Is Amazing.

As the weather gets hotter, there is no better place to cool off and hang out than the pool. Mind you, not every swimming pool is created equal. Some cities around the world seem to be in a competition to outdo themselves as the best place to go for a swim. The designs vary; those […]

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